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Do you warranty your work?
Yes, we stand behind our work. If the window installed in your vehicle faults due to the installation process. SDR will warranty both the parts and labor.
How long until I can use my vehicle after my windshield has been replaced/repaired?
Chip Repair: There is no wait time.

Windshield Replacement: Please wait up to 1-hour before you drive.

Does my window need to be recalibrated?
If you have a Camera integrated into the windshield. More than likely, it will need it recalibrated after an installation.
Can I use my vehicle if the windows cracked?
All front windshields have a laminated safety glass. The invention of safety glass is interesting, as it helps stop glass from shattering due to shock. A crack in the windshield leaves it susceptible to loss in its’ integrity. Structurally the windshield is a major part of the front end of the vehicle.

Please consider this information before driving in a vehicle with a broken windshield. If the windshield is deemed unsafe (Arizona Statute 28-957.01).

Any vehicle that has glass that is smashed in, or punctured, it is ill-advised to use that vehicle. Please consider calling the authorities.

Is it okay to take my car through a carwash if my auto glass is cracked?
We would suggest not to if you do not want your window to crack out more.
Do you offer mobile service?
Yes, we are a mobile auto glass shop that services the Valley.

Our mobile auto glass service is free for Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler and Ahwatukee. There will be an fair additional cost to travel to outside our service area.

What if my window isn't cracked, it’s just worn & pitted?
Unfortunately, there is not much we can do. Wear & tear is a fact of life. Roads in Arizona are notoriously rough on auto glass.
Will I still be able to see the chip, after a chip repair?
More than likely if you are looking for it you can see it. Chip repairs are applied using a liquid patch. We use a resin that bonds to the lamination in the glass. Preventing it from turning into a full crack.

If you are not satisfied with the our chip repair work. We will put the cost of the windshield chip towards a new windshield replacement.

Are there any guidelines after I have my windshield replaced?
There are a few things we highly recommend.

1 – Do not drive the car for one hour.
2 – Do not go through a car wash or power wash for one day.
3 – Leave the tape for one day as well.
4 – Crack windows to relive cabin pressure.
5 – Keep music with heavy bass to a minimum.