Jeep and Mopar are now selling Clean Sweep Performance windshield wiper system for Jeep Wranglers and Jeep Gladiators. Jeep says the new wipers clean the windshield faster, using less windshield wiper fluid. Forget about the windshield wipers you have in stock; these are the Windshield Wipers for Sports Vehicles who like to Ride Rough!

And though I knew the Jeep Wranglers official and aftermarket accessories catalog was unparalleled in its reach, I never expected that it would ever get to the point of these – Performance wipers.

But the wipers Jeep Performance Parts has introduced are a bit brilliant, and though silly it sounds, it sure seems like these wipers are performing at a higher level than Jeeps standard windshield wipers and fluid systems on recent-model Wranglers.

The Performance Windshield Wiper System moves the source of the spray onto the wiper arms, putting the wet jets closer to the windshield, and apparently applying more pressure on dirty areas. The wiper arms feature 12 laser-cut holes down the entire blade, so fluid pressure is greater as well, more uniformly applied.

Jeep says that windshield dirt and debris is flushed off the blades during first swipes, because 12 wet-squirt holes send fluid to where it belongs. On the older dual-nozzle system, that first wiper pass might have felt wasted, cleaning a front glass covered with dirt. In fact, moving the wet-weather nozzles around would have been a great idea for far more than off-roading and for more cars than just Jeeps. Right now, windshield wipers are available on the 2018-2022 Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator models.

The parts are now available at Mopar, where they cost $140.00

The purchase includes a windshield wiper arm, blades, and tubing needed to install a new system. It also comes with one set of replacement wiper blades. My biggest issue with this set is if it locks Jeep drivers into a system using a proprietary wiper.