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Why is it important to get OEM or OEE auto glass for your windshield?

  • OEM means the glass comes from the original manufacturer
  • OEE means the glass is equivalent to the original manufacturer
  • OEM glass is better than OEE
  • Make sure you know where the glass is coming from



Recently, there was a horror story of a woman travelling down the Interstate 17 when a shovel flew across the freeway and pierced through her windshield and stopped at her nose – almost killing her.

Your windshield should be as strong as it needs to be. The woman who had a shovel slam through her windshield may not have purchased OEM or OEE auto glass – and even if she did the windshield must be taken care of properly. The consumer must know what the auto glass has been exposed to and what improper conditions it may have been in. That is why it is so important to have a reputable auto glass company, like SDR Auto Glass, LLC. on speed dial: 602-402-8006

OEM Windshield (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

What we call the OG, or “old gangsta” aka Original Equipment Manufacturer

With an OEM windshield, you can be sure that your vehicle’s car glass meets the high safety and quality standards. You will see a stamp with the logo of your vehicle’s brand and unique ID marks and numbers – proving that it is from the original manufacturer – embedded into a recognizable position on your windshield.

OEM Glass suppliers spend hundreds of millions of dollars on research and development and use Computer-Assisted Design (CAE / CAD) to ensure the quality of the windshields in their vehicles. OEM windshields undergo rigorous and thorough surface, contour, and optical quality testing before they reach the assembly line.

All auto glass parts manufactured by OEM manufacturers are fit and meet the same standards for fit and workmanship, and the glass used in the car is built to last. Glass produced by companies that enter contracts with vehicle manufacturers is manufactured to the exact specifications of the vehicle manufacturer.

If you request OEM glass for your windshield replacement you will receive glass that came into your car from the original manufacturer and is identical to the windshield designed by the company. The company that made the glass in your vehicle is unlikely to be the same company that makes the glass today. OEM glass or car glass is manufactured by the same manufacturer who supplied the original glass that the car manufacturer installed in the vehicle.

Essentially, you get an identical windshield to the factory windshield that rolled your vehicle off the assembly line. The windshield should you know from the originality of the windshield that there are two types of windshields on the market: OEM car glass and aftermarket car glass.

OEE Windshield (Original Equipment Equivalent)

This is where you need to have a trusted auto glass supplier – because things can get shaky if you are not aware of scams and sale gimmicks.

Aftermarket Glass is manufactured by car companies that do not have a contract with a particular automaker. Glass is manufactured according to the specific specifications of your automobile manufacturers and must match your original size, shape, and color.

SDR Auto Glass, LLC., wants to be clear –OEE auto glass is not as strong as OEM glass and there is nothing wrong with aftermarket windshield glass. The issue is having a trusted windshield replacement service provider. OEE glass can be purchased and handed off to sub-contractors acting as auto glass technicians – after which the consumer doesn’t know how the glass has been handled, if it is deprecated material, etc.

Car companies that do not have a contract with certain automakers do not manufacture OEM windshields, so they do not have to comply with certain manufacturer directives. From a safety point of view all OEE auto glass and window manufacturers must meet government standards.

To ensure that you receive a windshield replacement by an auto glass service provider that meets or exceeds the standards of NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) and DOT (Department of Transportation) then look no further because SDR Auto Glass, LLC. is the best windshield replacement service provider in Gilbert AZ.

Since an OEE is the original equipment equivalent of glass, you can consider it a technical version of your original windshield. It will have the same specifications as your original, but it will not have the logo or branding ID marks or identification of your vehicle’s manufacturer like OEM auto glass does.

History and Manufacturing of Glass

For In-Depth Reading

The word glass comes from the Teutonic term “Glaza”, which means amber. Although the origin of glass manufacture is still uncertain, the Mesopotamians from the 5th century BC discovered an ash by chance when they fire to melt clay vessel to use for glazing ceramics or when copper was smelted…